About Us

Did You Know?

Just over 27 million people
live in Uganda.

Transforming Lives

Christian Life Ministries is a humanitarian organization dedicated to caring for the life-sustaining needs of orphans living in Uganda. Our mission is to transform today’s orphans into tomorrow’s leaders. We are taking broken lives and building them into lasting dreams. Rather than simply putting a roof over orphans’ heads, we are putting a foundation beneath their feet and wind beneath their wings. Through the work of Christian Life Ministries, these children who have lost fathers to war and mothers to AIDS are being given the thing they need most… A fresh start.

Christian Life Ministries Visionary

Jackson Senyonga founded Christian Life Ministries with the goal of doing more than simply building dormitories to warehouse African orphans. His dream was to build homes that shape lives.

Christian Life Ministries Vision

This is not simply a charity that clothes and feeds the less fortunate. This is a mission that changes outcomes. Through Christian Life Ministries, these orphaned children are not just nourished, they are nurtured. We build them up body and soul.

Our vision is as simple as 3 E’s:

• ENCOURAGE them to begin again
• ENLIGHTEN them with a fresh vision
• ESTABLISH them on the right path

As a sponsor of a Christian Life Ministries child you do more than touch a life. You transform the future. By becoming a Sponsor you can help groom the leaders of tomorrow’s Africa. You can help raise up a generation of men and women who will help rebuild what has been torn down by warring factions and infectious diseases.

You can help us build more homes and transform more lives. You can help us feed more stomachs and fill more hearts. You can give more children the kind of blessings your own children enjoy. Let your sponsorships transform today’s orphans into tomorrow’s leaders.

Ready to shape and form a leader?  Ready to change the world?  Sponsor a child today!

To pledge your support click here. Or contact us today at donations@christianlifeministiries.org.